Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In the Beginning

Easter, 2012

My first ever Real Estate seminar.

I saw the add on facebook (I think that to date it is the only fb add I have ever used). I signed up for myself and my spouse and away we went to hear Chef Shamy talk about investing in rental houses as a retirement plan. What a new idea for me! It was convincing, too. The stock market was a continual mess with effectively flat returns for the last decade. People have started calling it "The Lost Decade." He was selling, and we signed up for, a three-day event with Rich Dad Education the following month. That cost some money, but we were pretty excited about it.

The main idea I remember from this first seminar is that you get rental properties that pay for themselves over their 20 year amortization  and then when they are paid off and you are retiring, you either live off the rental income or sell them. Pretty good idea, hmm?

And that is where all things Real Estate began for me, with a facebook add and Chef Shamy.

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